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Miss. Bunyarath Kaewdoo

Nanthapath Kaewdoo
Primary 6/7

I’ve known ACSP through my friends and from the school website. I want my child to learn the English language alongside Thai, helping them become familiar with both languages. Understand the vocabulary, and various sentence structures, and be proficient in using it in diverse situations. The English Program combines academic learning with extracurricular activities. Engaging in various activities beyond the classroom enhances learning, fostering self-expression and creativity. We believe in the potential of the existing English Program at Assumption College. Unleashing each child's potential to develop themselves is valuable. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach, what works well within our framework is allowing each child to fully engage in assigned activities.

Miss. Chuleekorn Nakornthum

Minyada Dusadessopaporn Secondary 1/8

My children are studying in the English Program at a kindergarten school, so I want them to continue in the English Program of ACSP for both their Primary and Secondary education. I think people of their generation, should be able to use the English language fluently in their daily lives. I’m impressed by the teachers in the school. The teachers are attentive and they take good care of the children. I also like the curriculum of the English Program which is globally standardized. I think improving the school commitment of the teachers, especially the foreign teachers, is the first one that needs improvement to maintain EP standards. If foreign teachers who have high performance stay in school for a longer time and reduce employee turnover, students can study continuously without interruption.

Miss. Chinnachat Tachasamran

Pattanun Tachasamran
Primary 2/9

I’ve known about the ACSP English Program from my friends. I’ve known about the ACSP English Program from my friends. The thing I like the most in EP is the way the program helped my daughter’s English proficiency level, especially her English communication skills. It improved by a lot. For me, it’s how the management runs the program and the selection of qualified personnel to be part of EP.