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Secondary 5 Entrepreneur101: Micro Business Skills for Young Learners

Entrepreneurs and business owners play a significant role in helping the development of a nation by providing employment and generating revenue to help the economy prosper. In the past few years, the English Program added Entrepreneur101 as one of the supplemental subjects for Secondary 5 students, to help young learners develop financial intelligence. The objectives are as follows: to enable students to understand how to work in a professional manner, gain professional experience or interest in various professions, acquire qualities and use technology that will be beneficial for their future careers, help students to envision their future paths, provide opportunities for students to work creatively, and gain collaborative, management, and problem-solving skills. 

For these objectives to be achieved, Ms. Kanokwan Kaewmak, Head of EP Academics and project manager of Entrepreneur101, invited five mentors to join EP Secondary 5, Mr. Nattapong Kangkun (PTA), Mr. Jakraphant Buranthirawith, Mr. Anuwat Sakritichai, Mr. Waranyu Saowaphruek, and Ms. Puttavadee Vaikijanek.

These 5 have been a great help in guiding learners to undertake the challenges. Secondary 5 students were grouped into 4 groups, Mamba, Sweet Chunk, S’more Bunny, and Mellow My Day. 

The project has been running from October 2023 until February 2024. Students were given free rein on ideation, branding, marketing, and managing their businesses. All groups did onsite selling at school and events, and utilized various media platforms for online sales. Students will give their final presentations on 19 February 2024 during the Entrep101: Appreciation Day. 


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