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English Program Primary 4 to Secondary 3 Science Lab Test 2024

ACSP English Program, led by the Science department, held the annual Science Lab test from 29th January to 9th February 2024. This event has two aims: to assess students' scientific knowledge, analysis skills, information application through practical work, and to help them achieve academic excellence through this experience.

Science Labs provide students with various opportunities to learn and experiment. They also play a vital role in nurturing independent learning. This lab test will assess students in different Science subject areas: General Science for Primary 4-6, Biology and Physics for Secondary 1 and 3, and Biology and Chemistry for Secondary 2. Students displayed remarkable results performing the given tasks. Scores in Lab tests will be used as formative scores, and students will receive a certificate. Science teachers attained knowledge and proficiency in scientific inquiry and science laboratory procedures.


ACSP EP would like to thank the event organizers and the Science Department, for the success of Primary 4 to Secondary 3 Science Lab Test 2024.


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