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Secondary 3 Design Thinking: Special Workshop

ACSP English Program invited Ajarn Ornanong Narasuwan, a Professional R&D leader and Design Thinking coach, who has over 15 years of management experience, for a Design Thinking Special workshop for Secondary 3 students on 9th January 2024.
This training teaches how design thinking is a powerful 5-step process of problem-solving that begins with understanding unmet customer needs, their pain points, and market trends based on statistical data.
Ajarn Ornanong started with a fun icebreaker and divided students into groups. The workshop had 5 parts, I- Empathy and Define, II- Ideation Process, III- Prototype, IV- Claim Workshop, and V- Research Design.
The Empathy and Define section was about designing a dog food product by defining the consumer’s profile, understanding their pain points, and giving insight into the situation.
The Ideation Process took a “think more, choose later” approach. This step focused on the number of ideas rather than their feasibility. The students had to consider the different generations’ attitudes on raising pets (Gen X, Y, Z, and Alpha). During the Prototype phase, students consolidated their work.
In Part IV, the Claim Workshop, each group pondered their product ideas and how they could appeal to the target users. When students proceeded to the Research Design step, they explored various past research and adapted its information, techniques, and strategies into their work. The final part was the prototype refinement and presentation. For this part, S3 students impressed Ajarn Ornanong with their excellent presentations. Students' group presentations were scored with the following criteria: user/need/insight, product idea, claim, product creativity, product suitability to the target users, presentation delivery, audience engagement, popular vote, and the work record on Canva.