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WAN DEK, also known as Children’s Day Celebration, symbolizes hope, unity, and the promise of a brighter future. Like any other learning institution here in Thailand, the ACSP English Program also celebrated the annual tradition of National Children’s Day on January 12, 2024.

Every student can enjoy and commemorate their purpose and importance in the nation.The echoed waves of laughter of the students touch the hearts of every corner of the school. They were very excited to share their ideas and talents on stage. Parents were also involved in giving their full support by attending the celebration and bringing delicious food for their children as part of the school festivity.

The said celebration brings a unique bond between the teachers, parents, and students where they express their gratitude to each other as they partake together in their snacks and meal.From Primary to Secondary level, each classroom has different choices of food, music, and games. Some of them were singing while others were dancing.

Everyone in the school was having fun, laughing together, capturing their smiles, and cheering each other up.

One day as they become professionals and have their own lives individually, they will surely remember that they spent the most memorable WAN DEK of their childhood and youthhood in ACSP-EP with unlimited fun and experiences.Through education, children become the best hope of the nation!


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