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Excellence in International Achievements Ceremony 2023

ACSP held the Excellence in International Achievements award ceremony at the Silver Jubilee Hall on 1 December 2023, with special guest Brother Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President of Assumption University and the 1st Manager of ACSP (from 1979 - 1983, when it was known as Assumption Samrong). Also in attendance was Bro. Dr. Monthol Prathumarach, Director, Bro. Natton Suphon, Vice Director, School board, PTA, student alumni, EP and MLP students.

The ceremony had multiple objectives: to express gratitude and appreciation for those involved in the educational management and support of students at Assumption Samutprakarn School. Secondly, to honor and commend students who accomplished high academic achievement from international standardized exams through their commitment to extensive study. These assessments are vital in enabling upper-secondary level students to become ready for their admissions to leading universities here, in Thailand, and abroad.

Lastly, the award ceremony shows how proud we are of our students and families for attaining these successes and for everyone to celebrate together.

Overall, 77 outstanding students made us proud! For the IELTS exam, we had 30 high achieving students; for the SAT, 8 students; for the HSK, 7 students; for the JLPT, 5 students; for the iPSLE, 7 students; for the ICSE, 10 students; and finally, for the TUST, 10 students.

ACSP would like to congratulate all the students for their successful endeavors and thank all the teachers for their commitment to and support of their student's success. The school looks forward to having more young achievers for the next academic year's awards ceremony.



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