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ACSP Fun and Exciting Academic Day 2023!

On the 20th and 21st day of November 2023, Students of the English Program enthusiastically celebrated the Academic Hackathon Day at St. Louis Arena Assumption School. Different bands of students performed entertaining shows at the live concert. The audience was driven at that moment, singing along with the band and enjoying the vibe of the music as the vocalist sang heartily. They are all talented in vocals and musical instruments that give the audience the energy of singing at the top of their lungs.

There were various booths around the arena from the 1st to the 5th floor, where students had their tour from one booth to another. Students enjoyed getting their Academic Day passports stamped.



Students of Secondary 4 had their culinary show underlying innovative and creative technology. Secondary 5 students also had their Entrepreneurship101, where they showed off their acquired business skills. They had marketing strategies like food-tasting on their booths to inspire more students to come and try. Students of S1/8 majoring in Chinese and Japanese language had their booth designed creatively and culturally in style. Students and teachers also had their Japanese/Chinese outfits. S1/7 students conducted the SMART bingo, and participating students were encouraged to think of as many words as they could to win the game. Also, students showed their incredible talent and creativity in art during the Manga Cover Illustration Contest.

Primary 1 and 2 students had shown their ability in fine arts and design by creating Lego Land and Plastic Model, The Jurassic World, The Global Warming, The Colorful Trash, The Wonderful Tropical, The Frozen Neverland, The Miracle of Desert and the Zoolastic World.

Primary 3 – 6 had the Culture and Society Exhibition exploring England, the USA, and Australia. They also had reading materials for those students who are EP Book Lovers and facilitated the English board game that would encourage students to use unique words spontaneously.

Secondary 2-5 had a mini theater room for Movie Sci., Bio Movie Ads, Start-up Ways, STEM Partner, and Visual Football. They also had Crochet Making, which was beneficial to the students. It reduces anxiety, relieves stress, and builds self-esteem by being productive.

A special thanks to the organizers of the event. The EP department is grateful for all teachers' and students' participation. A job well done to everyone!



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