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ACSP English Program Harmony Camp 2023: Love and Friendship

On 12-14 November 2023, the English Program Discipline department held the annual EP Team Harmony Camp for Secondary 4-6 students. The school vice director, Bro. Dr. Monthol Prathumarach gave an inspiring speech about how this camp will enable students to refresh their minds as they experience nature, restore healthy friendships and bonds, and reflect spiritually on their growth in new ways. The 3-day camp had many fun and engaging activities planned. 

The campers had a tour at the Sea Turtle Conservation Center managed by the Royal Thai Navy, which aims to help conserve sea turtles. Students participated in a cleaning activity to help the community and experienced how to take care of turtles. It allowed students to understand their importance in marine ecosystems.   



Secondary 5 & 6 led the EP Light for Love activity. Everyone lit a candle as a symbol of passion and commitment. Then, they guided the blindfolded juniors (S4) to the lighted area. Through this activity, S5 and S6 fostered a sense of trust with their juniors. This activity also had a secondary purpose, for the juniors to trust their seniors to lead them on the right path and train them to be good role models and to have leadership skills. 

There are five houses in EP named after gems, with each gem signifying different characteristics. The house gems are Ruby for bravery, Sapphire for honesty, Citrine for success, Amethyst for peace, and Tourmaline for camaraderie. The students made a flag that symbolizes their house gem. On the highly anticipated Harmony Party night, the campers showed off their talents and enjoyed singing and jamming in a festive mood. The Secondary six students had this mini-concert as their farewell. 

The aim of this project was for bonds to be formed between the S4, S5, and S6 students. It also focused on cultivating good leadership and collaboration skills. This camp brought more memorable experiences to students, teachers, and alumni. Another year added to the ongoing gem house’s memories! Special thanks to the EP Discipline department for organising the annual camp and ensuring its success.  


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