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Primary 3 Public Presentation: Welcome to the Safari World

On November 15, 2023, The EP conducted the Primary 3 Safari World: Public Presentation held at the 4th Floor of Silver Jubilee Hall, Louis Marie Building. Through the guidance of their teachers, this event aims to explore student's creativity, develop their confidence in expressing their ideas, foster effective use of visual aids, enhance their English public communication skills, and encourage teamwork and collaboration.

The audience and judges were amazed by the colorful and wonderful presentations. The hall seemed like a real Safari World where the wildlife in the forest and ocean were presented namely the Parrot, Tiger, Zebra, Dolphin, Penguin, and Orangutan. It is filled with excitement, especially for the teachers, parents, and organizers who are in full support and are hands-on in preparing the props.


The students' talents shone throughout the event. It is truly an unforgettable experience, full of fun, and excitement. The students are scored by the judges based on the following criteria: organization, content, visuals, and delivery of their lines.

All the presentations were great! The judges had a hard time in deciding the winner. Primary 3/8 Orangutan got the 2nd runner up, Primary 3/7 Zebra placed 1st runner up, and the Primary 3/8 Parrot outshined all their competitors and bagged the winner’s seat. Congratulations to all the P3 FUNTASTIC performances, and special thanks to the EP teachers who organized the Safari World public presentation.


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