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English Program Teacher Training: How to Make Happy Students

The English Program held the "How to Make Happy Students" seminar on the 10th of November 2023 at Multi Skills Centre (MSC03-04), Louis Marie Building. This seminar focused on approaching education with positive psychological in mind.

EP invited Mr. Ian McDonald, a psychology lecturer from Mahidol University, who shared his expertise regarding methods and strategies on how to create a happy learning atmosphere inside or outside the classroom.

One of the strategies he emphasized was the WOOP method (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle & Plan); this method is based on 20 years of scientific research and is effective in numerous studies with people of all ages and many areas of life. WOOP helps people to be healthier, improve social behavior, and enhance academic performance.

Teachers were grouped for the WOOP activity and were tasked to share their ideas by answering the following WOOP questions: 


  • What is your Wish, a wish that is challenging but practical?
  • What would be the best Outcome of fulfilling your wish?
  • What is the main inner Obstacle that holds you back from fulfilling your wish?
  • What Plan can you do to overcome your obstacle?

Then, the group chose a representative to present their output. Even though each group had different ideas, the main goal was to achieve the WOOP as accurately as possible. The results were great, and teachers gained a better understanding of how to use WOOP and implement the method inside/outside the classroom. Teachers are also excited to share this with their students and see what happens. 

Special thanks to Mr. Ian McDonald for being an exemplary speaker and to the ACSP English Program for organizing this training.


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