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EP P1 Science outdoor activity: Let's have Fun with Force

Primary 1 students enjoyed a special science activity called “What Forces Can Do”, with Mr. Bikash Prajapati at the Saint Gabriel building on 8 November 2023. The learning objectives of this activity were for students to comprehend what kind of action and types of force they used while performing various movements.

One of the examples they explored was a push-and-pull activity. In order to understand it better, Mr. Bikash asked the Primary 1 students to participate in fun games like pulling a cart and kicking volleyball balls. Students observed the types of forces in action, and how they affect objects. Then, Mr. Bikash explained in detail what type of force it was and its application.

The students enjoyed every detail of the activity and built an understanding of how they could relate the fundamentals of force to their everyday lives.


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