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English Program Elective Subjects Study Trip 2023 

The English Program administrative team planned and organized elective subject study trips for Secondary 1-3 on 5 & 8 September 2023. Students explored different companies and locations, aligned to their elective subject class choice.  

On September 5, the SMART, ICT, C-Com, and J-Com classes went to separate study trip locations. The S1 ICT class explored Ricoh Company at True Digital Park where they learned about creative photography and the importance of innovation. The S2-3 ICT class went to Jinpao Precision Industry Co. Ltd., where they observed how a big company, with global partnerships, worked to create products that are used globally by other companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Amazon, etc. For the SMART class, their study trip was located at the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.



Here, they were given the opportunity to do university-level laboratory experiments to show them the significance of having a solid science foundation in order to understand the world. C-Com students had fun at the China Cultural Center learning more about Chinese culture, and J-Com students loved the interactive activities at Waseda International Language and Cultural Center, such as creating charms and scented pouches. On September 8, EGL students enjoyed their study trip to M Flow TV studios at Factory Yard, where they experienced new things involved in the TV production industry such as filming, stage play, and cinematography.

These study trips had 3 main objectives: to provide students with opportunities to make real-world connections in their studies; to help them see and experience things in an actual workspace, where they can gain new perspectives relevant to their chosen elective subject; and to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which will enable them to connect what they are learning in class to actual life situations.  



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