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Thai Etiquette Training & Good Manners Competition

English Program, led by Ms. Siriwan Yuthongkham, Head of EP Discipline, organized 2 activities, namely the Thai Etiquette Training and EP Good Manners Competition from mid-August to 6 September 2023.

EP Primary 1 to Secondary 6 students have undertaken Thai Etiquette Training: How to ‘Wai’ properly since mid-August. Through this training, the students learned how to give and receive the Wai properly towards monks, their parents, grandparents, elders, relatives, teachers, and friends/peers, whilst also learning correct social etiquette.

The mentor-mentee system was implemented to emphasize the school’s objective of maintaining Thai culture whilst pursuing academic international standards. EP also held the Good Manners Competition from 4-6 September 2023, to further promote this objective. The participants were scored according to the following criteria: accuracy, unity, naturalness, personality, and confidence. The winners received a simple certificate and token.


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