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Entrepreneur101 Appreciation Day

On 9 February 2023, English Program led by Ms. Kanokwan Kaewmak, Head of EP Academics and project manager of Entrepreneur 101, invited Mr. Peerapat Thanit, President of the Federation of Thai SMEs Samutprakarn Province, Mr. Kwintas Phuwaratsirikhun, FMC Chief operating officer as the guest speaker, Bro. Manit Sakonthawat, Vice Director/EP consultant, PTA, and alumni to partake in Entrepreneur101 Appreciation Day. The objectives of Entrep101 are as follows: 1) To enable students to understand how to work in an upstanding manner, have professional experience or gain interest in professions, and acquire qualities that are beneficial for their future careers and help students to envision their future paths; 2) To allow students to choose and use technology suitable for their career; 3) To allow students to work creatively, gain collaborative, management, problem solving and knowledge acquiring skills.



During the event, students had to work with integrity and have awareness of the cost-effective and sustainable use of energy and resources. Mr. Kwintas Phuwaratsirikhun, FMC Chief operating officer and guest speaker, shared his expertise and real-life experiences to inspire students on how to build a good mindset about the roadmap of Business in class which will serve as a good framework for their future business pathway.

There have been five mentors who have been a great help in guiding EP Secondary 5 learners to undertake this challenge, which is a specific requirement of the English Program. They are Mentor Nattapong Kangkun, Mentor Anuwat Sakritichai, Mentor Chukiat Suphap, Mentor Jakraphant Buranthirawith, and Mentor Waranyu Saowaphruek. There are 4 groups namely: Luna Days, Candle Candae, Sweet Nest, and Lobopastry. Each group presented a 5-minute START UP SME PROJECT video summary of the ups and downs they’ve overcome in order to succeed with their product. The video presentation amazed the guests and audiences. The students received a certificate of recognition from Mr. Peerapat Thanit, President of the Federation of Thai SMEs Samutprakarn Province.


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