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Primary Science Toys Club: Float your Boat & Lava Lamp

The Primary Science Toys Club, with Miss Pensri Phengpala and Miss Supanee Nilprapai, had 2 fun and interesting experiments, “Float your Boat” and “Lava Lamp” on 21 and 23 March 2023, respectively.

The “Float your Boat" experiment had 3 learning objectives. Students needed to describe how their modeling clay was denser than water floats, the steps they took to create a floatable clay, and using the small balls provided, how much capacity can their boats could hold. Through this experiment, students learned about the principles of displacement, density, capacity, and buoyancy.

The second experiment was “Lava Lamp.” This experiment had 3 learning objectives. Learners were tasked to express how they understood the density of oil and water, the solubility of baking soda, oil, vinegar, and food coloring, and what gas the mixture produced to have a bubbling reaction.


These 2 experiments helped the primary students improve their skills in observation, sentence construction, critical thinking, and Science lab.


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