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Level 4 English Program Discipline: First Meet

EP Disciplinary affairs held its Level 4 EP: First meet event together with Bro. Panuwat Mouentup, Assistant Director, with the following goals: To welcome the Secondary 4 (Freshies) as well as serve as their support; To let Secondary 4-6 students know each other; to build good connections with each other (junior-senior bond) and for seniors to share their experiences and advices in managing their life in ACSP EP.

This is a 2-day session event (10 and 17 September) organized and planned by Secondary 5 students and was attended by 141 students and 6 teachers. Through this, students learned various things such as; how to deal with their concerns and worries in academics, work together in harmony, extra-curricular activities participation, being a responsible member of school community and society.


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