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Secondary 4-6 Science Competition: Winner Takes it All

In celebration for the Science Week 2021, ACSP EP Science Department planned and organized various fun and interesting activities to nurture EP learners and to boost their scientific knowledge. Secondary 4, Secondary 5 and Secondary 6 sent five representatives in each class to join the General Science Competition.

The competitors who joined finished the questions given through the platform Kahoot! successfully.  The young achievers who made us proud are as follows;


  1. Kornkrit Kampankaew
  2. Korluang Sunthonkun
  3. Thitiworada Katikawong
  4. Yanisa Saengcharoensuklert
  5. Nattapak Suwansalee


  1. Khopher Sunthonkun
  2. Patchawat Detasavanong
  3. Sirinya Rattadilok
  4. Sunisa Saeli
  5. Thanjira Li


  1. Suvorrakarn Vorravimuta
  2. Jirachada Luckkanapantip
  3. Thanapan Tiratatri
  4. Natdaporn Tungwancharoen
  5. Arisa Zheng

Congratulations to the winners! They will receive incentives from their teachers and all participants will receive certificates for their hard work.



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